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The Space City Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi

The Space City Houston Alumni Chapter was founded in January, 1994 and has been enjoying a continuous increase in membership, strength, and activity over the past few years. Brothers of the Chapter play an active role in providing charitable services to the Houston Community as well as participating in business networking and social activity among members to strengthen the bonds of Brotherhood in the spirit of the founding of Delta Sigma Pi.

The ever-increasing effort to be of service to the people and places in the Houston Community is a cornerstone of the purpose for which the Space City Alumni Chapter exists. Brothers in the Alumni Chapter are constantly looking for ways to use their time, talent, and treasure to accomplish this task.
Space City Alumni Chapter Endowment Fund

The Space City Alumni Chapter is thrilled to announce the formation of the Space City Alumni Chapter Scholarship Fund. The Fund, part of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, has been established by Space City to extend the Foundation’s mission of furthering business education through providing financial assistance to worthy Brothers.

The idea behind the Fund and the Leadership Foundation is not only to provide scholarships today, but also to build a base for the future, by creating an endowment. Scholarships will be allocated out of the earnings of the fund. Solid financial management along with continued support from alumni will ensure that the Fund will continue to enhance educational opportunities for brothers for years to come.

The vision of the Fund is to assist brothers in their current educational endeavors. We hope to extend that assistance to include Fraternity educational programs such as Leadership and Excellence Academies for Deltasigs (LEAD) and the LeaderShape Academy. This will give brothers the opportunity to further develop their professional, personal, and leadership skills.

The Fund will be managed by the Leadership Foundation, which will administer the program, ensure a sound investment program, and select the scholarship recipients with the assistance of Space City’s elected Trustees. Preference will be given to candidates that are members of chapters located within the same region as the Space City Alumni Chapter. The Leadership Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization; therefore all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable. Contributions will also be counted towards the Leadership Foundation's annual and cumulative giving levels.

Our Fund will not become fully operational until we receive $10,000 of contributions. From there, we hope to continue to grow the fund through continuing contributions. We invite you to become a founding contributor to the Fund and help our collegiate brothers with their educational endeavors.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our local trustees, listed below:

Jeff and Joelle Berlat

James A. Webb

Support the Chapter

As with any organization, we count on the support of our fellow Alumns to continue the purposes of Delta Sigma Pi on a local level. We ask for support in any of three ways... Your Time, Your Talent, and Your Treasure.

We are always looking for individuals to assist in undertakings of the Chapter, including such things as man-power for community service events (your time), Speakers or Connections for Professional functions (your talent), and a few dollars annually for helping to pay for ongoing operations and events (your treasure).

We value all of the "Three T's" equally, but as life goes on, it becomes harder to support the Fraternity in all ways together. And since we don't ask for much in the way of your treasure, maybe that's the easiest thing to provide.

Ongoing Fiscal Support of the Chapter is very reasonable, and is asked in the way of annual dues. Listed below are the various options in which you can support the operations of the Space City Houston Alumni Chapter.

Type Regular(After 7/1) Early-Bird (4/1-7/1)
Annual Dues



3 Year Dues



Lifetime Dues*



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