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Ten lessons I have learned after attending multiple Grand Chapter Congresses

Ten lessons I have learned after attending multiple Grand Chapter Congresses:

1. Go early. Leave the Saturday before GCC so you have plenty of time to enjoy the city and surrounding areas if you are able to take the additional time off.

2. Always take off the Monday after returning from GCC. Sadly I did not learn this lesson until GCC #6 but it makes a world of difference, especially if you don't get home until 1:30 am on that Monday due to flight delays.

3. This suggestion is for the gentlemen. Take only two suits and a tux for business sessions and formal wear. Take multiple shirts to mix and match. I did that this year and it worked perfectly.

4. Enjoy retirement. I have seen brothers who have run for office at multiple consecutive Congresses. After running for Grand Office either to be elected or reelected for the past three Congresses, it was great to just enjoy the actual event. It also gave me a much different perspective. For those who have run for office and do not get elected or reelected, the best advice I can give is to retire for a few years and just enjoy brotherhood. Get back to your roots and remember why you chose to stay involved. Serve as a District Director or hold office in your local alumni chapter. You can always come out of retirement in the future. One of our main slogans is that DSP is for life.

5. Make plans but be flexible. It is no secret that I am a planner. There were many things in particular that I wanted to see in Seattle. Even though I ended up changing my dates to see places, I still got to see all of the sites with great brothers and friends. Don't be afraid to wing it and see where the day takes you.

6. Get out of your comfort zone. Hang out with new brothers. Some of the best fraternal friendships I have made was with meeting new brothers at GCC.

7. Don't get discouraged if you lose an election. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I have seen many great brothers lose an election at GCC and we never see that person again. My main advice to those who do lose an election is remember why you joined DSP and why you love this organization.

8. Win with class and lose with grace. This one is pretty self explanatory but goes for those who are elected and to those who lose an election. There is nothing worse than an arrogant winner or a sore loser. I have seen both in particular during the last two Congresses. We are all brothers and the primary reason for going to GCC is brotherhood.

9. Have at least one blow out meal with your local brothers at GCC. I didn't get a chance to see my awesome local brothers much at this past GCC but we did make time to have an amazing meal on the Saturday after the final business session at The Crab Pot. It was great to spend time together and also to share such a great experience.

10. Stay in contact with brothers that you meet at GCC. With Facebook, Twitter, Google, Snap chat, Skype, texting, calls, etc..... it is easier than ever to stay in contact. These brothers will turn into lifelong friends.

theDeltasig paul brodiePaul Brodie is the President of BrodieEDU™, an education consulting firm that specializes in the development of literacy programs, motivational seminars for universities and corporations, and wellness education. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Leadership Development Council, Inc with leading the implementation of educational programming in commercial properties across the United States. Brodie also continues to serve as a Grant Coordinator for the ASPIRE program in the Birdville Independent School District. As coordinator, he has created instructional and enrichment programming for over 800 students and 100 parents in the ASPIRE before and after school programs. Brodie also serves as Executive Director of the InspireEDU™ program and has created the InspireEDU™ name, all of the content of the program through BrodieEDU™, and implements and monitors the program as Executive Director. His seminars have been featured at leadership conferences across the United States since 2005. Brodie is active in professional organizations and within the community. He is also highly involved in The International Business Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi and served as a National Vice President, Leadership Foundation Trustee, National Organizational Development Chair, and in many other roles since 2002. He resides in Arlington, TX.

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