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Jeff Berlat theDeltasig Group Member

Why it's a Good Idea to Give to the Leadership Foundation

The Leadership Foundation exists to provide grants and scholarships to Brothers of Delta Sigma Pi. The Foundation can do some great things, but we need more collegiate and alumni donors. We initiate over 4,000 Brothers a year. If 1,000 Brothers start to donate $10 a month, the Leadership Foundation would have an extra $120,000 a year to use for grants and scholarships. Imagine if another 1,000 alumni started to give $250 a year that would be $250,000 in a year. Many other social fraternity and sororities have your Foundation donation as part of your dues so you “get used” to paying for the benefits.

Delta Sigma Pi is like any other charitable organization. If you don’t have the passion for Deltasig, you probably won’t donate, but you decided to invest a semester by pledging and you have 2 – 4 years as a Brother. You have had opportunities to apply for the many scholarships The Leadership Foundation offers. Did your VP Scholarships and Awards to their job by telling you about these opportunities? Did you attend a LEAD or Grand Chapter Congress to learn? We struggle as an organization to make sure you have the education and tools you need, but we can’t do it without the support of the chapters.

There are opportunities to donate money to a specific scholarship fund if you happen to be from a chapter with a scholarship, or have a passion for LEADERSHAPE or a specific travel fund set up.

For more details and information visit the DSP national website to find out more. Click here for more information.

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    The most asked question about This website is all about Delta Sigma Pi. It portrays our commitment to become business leaders. It grants prospectives an opportunity to see how they can benefit by networking and learning from Leadership events. It grants the opportunity to achieve Brotherhood to make lifetime connections. The vision of the website is not only to use as a recruitment tool, but a way to allow Brothers to connect and share their experiences with everyone else. And above all, show love for the world's foremost professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

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