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Lazy Beach Brewery


And then talk about Lazy Beach Brewery in Corpus Christi, TX. The city dubbed this husband and wife owned micro-brewery as the first in town, with their first keg sold last year in June. Only a year and a half into the business, their taproom opened in June again.

The road to being pioneers in Corpus brewing started with humble beginnings. Cory Mathews, the owner of Lazy Beach used to brew every Tuesday night out of his garage and host get-togethers with his friends.

“After a while, we were making a lot of beer,” Cory laughed, “Things were getting out of control.”

He finally decided to open his own brewery. The task of opening the brewery was no walk in the park. “Being the first to do this in town means you have to do extra work. Go the extra mile,” Cory said nodding his head, smiling. “You face challenges with the city establishing a new type of business in Corpus Christi.”

Lazy Beach no loans from banks and did not accept any investors, they literally built and assembled their own machinery, such as the mill, custom keg washers, the bar, light fixtures, wine barrel taps, etc. The custom work represents Cory and his wife Jessica’s love for the beach. Cory said, “We wanted our place to be family-friendly and relaxed. I hate overly-crowded and loud places.”

But what’s so great about Lazy Beach Brewery? It could be the fact that this little brewery produces new beers every week. Always experimenting with new flavors, Lazy Beach has produced over 70 beers (i.e. IPAs, stouts, porters, ambers and browns) in the last couple months alone.

Have you heard of the Beach Bonfire Stout? “S’mores in a stout” Cory calls it. Some of the ingredients are toasted oats, cinnamon, and chocolate. How about the Indian Spiced Yellow Beer? It’s got a flavor profile that has local beer connoisseurs curious and eager to try. Loaded with turmeric, ginger, coriander, cardamom, cayenne pepper, fenugreek, and fennel this is sure to be a flavor not forgotten anytime soon. Cory mentions both beers will be available within a month. Additional Lazy Beach originals with unique flavors are the Kook and the Watermelon. The Kook is Lazy Beach’s famous cucumber Belgian blonde and the Watermelon is a smooth wheat beer.

Hold on though; let’s not overlook the signature Corpus Christi beer. “The people dictate the beer. I want this to ultimately be Corpus Christi’s beer,” Cory said. Lazy Beach is constantly changing their signature beer based on their customer feedback. Aggregating multiple opinions when it relates to the amount of hops, style, color, bitterness etc. Cory will change the formula of the Corpus Christi beer. “This way we are always changing with the tastes of Corpus Christi.”

“We love to support our fellow local businesses too,” Cory said. Currently Lazy Beach is offered in over 18 bars and restaurants in town. Common brews ordered are their Blond Texas Bock, Beach in Wheat, and Session IPA. You can find Lazy Beach brews at local places such as Executive Surf Club, B&Js Pizza, and Padre Island Burger Co. Not to mention on Saturdays food trucks stop by the brewery with unique dishes to try every week.

Cory laughed when asked what some of their biggest successes were. “Surviving!” he said. “Keep at it. The faster you fail, the faster you learn to succeed,” is the advice Cory has for new interested brewers.

Lazy Beach offers what many look for in Corpus. Local beer. Great food. Better company. #letshaveabeer

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