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Laura Strobel Zeta Mu

Why Delta Sigma Pi?

The answer is easy. Simply put - it’s the people. It’s also the brotherhood that spans schools, cities, and states across this country.

I was introduced to this organization by a young (I say that because I am not a traditional 20 year old college co-ed) lady, by the name of Alyssa Rodgers in an economics class that I was taking in my third semester back to school after a 15 year break in my education. I had met others in classes along the way, but no one quite like her. I remember her telling me about this organization she belonged to and how she encouraged me to come out and meet the chapter at their recruiting events. What I found was a group of younger adults who all had a zeal for life that I had. They were students, employees, parents, sons and daughters yet despite all of life’s commitments; they were out enjoying camaraderie with each other on a week night. It was a sight like I hadn’t seen in other campus organization. It made me wonder “Was this the right fit for me?”

I soon found out that everyone I met had the same passion for the organization that Alyssa had. They were encouraging and stood at the ready to help whether I pledged or not. I was unable to pledge that initial semester but that gave me the opportunity to question if this passion I saw was simply seasonal or genuine. As that semester progressed I was pleased to see that none of the brothers I had met treated me differently because I hadn’t pledged. They still said hello on campus and they still sought to help me with my studies, inquiring frequently if there was anything that they could do for me. These interactions are what confirmed that this was an organizational atmosphere that fit my personality to the “T”.

Ultimately my decision to pledge was based on those first experiences with brothers who have long since graduated. My decision to finish the pledge process was as much based on my local chapter as my experience at the Dallas LEAD in the spring of 2010. I stayed the course, expanded my horizons into leadership, and made this family a part of my own because it fit my personality as well as the diversity I’ve experience at other national events. I have seen brothers from all over this country speak with the same passion that I first experienced in my local chapter. I have spoken to brothers from all over the country and I find them to be genuine in spirit and personality. We are all human and we will have our issues but deep down this is a unique family that offers so much more than one could realize without being deeply engrained in the organization. If you doubt me then think back on your experiences both good and bad. Do you not cherish everything that makes you a better Brother? A better Deltasig? A better human being?

It’s not hard to understand that DSP is for life but it’s also a part OF your life. It manifests into one’s heart and soul whether you actively choose to let it or not. If you don’t believe me then attend the next GCC in Seattle in 2013 and see brothers, who even years after graduation, are still as deeply involved as you were trying to get through your pledge process. Embrace our differences and never give up. Go live the dream and make this world a better place because you ARE a Deltasig.

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    The most asked question about This website is all about Delta Sigma Pi. It portrays our commitment to become business leaders. It grants prospectives an opportunity to see how they can benefit by networking and learning from Leadership events. It grants the opportunity to achieve Brotherhood to make lifetime connections. The vision of the website is not only to use as a recruitment tool, but a way to allow Brothers to connect and share their experiences with everyone else. And above all, show love for the world's foremost professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

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