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Goliad Brewing Company

“Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” Have you heard of this battle cry? If you ever visit this small town, you'll see its rich history in the architecture and in Goliad Brewing Company. Built with the thought of promoting Texas history and providing local craft brews to the Coastal Bend area, Goliad Brewing even incorporated the history into their logo. Brewmaster Stefan tells the history of the brewery's logo; the right arm holding a sword embedded into the letter “G”. What better way to symbolize the phrase, “We would rather cut off our right arm than live under tyranny.”

Stefan, originally a mechanical engineer, states Goliad Brewing is a production brewery that practices “conservationist” brewing. Only been open approximately two years, the owners are conservationists at heart, building the brewery on 46 acres of land with the environment in mind. Nothing gets wasted at this brewery as all parts that go into brewing naturally goes back into nature. Stefan reminds me that in the state of Texas, “you own the water under your feet.” Using untreated well water, Stefan states the excellent quality in water in Goliad makes for great beer making.

Currently producing three signature beers (Goliad Golden Ale, Redfish IPA and Presidio La Bahia Black Hefeweizen), the brewery has a special seasonal Oktoberfest pouring through their taps. A beautiful orange amber color, the Oktoberfest is smooth beer bold in taste infused with seasonal spices. The Presidio La Bahia honors the historic fortress where Texas originally declared its independence. No need to write up a new review. Straight from the website, this beer is “made with all emphasis on what makes a Hefeweizen great; banana and spicy cloves in a smooth dark chocolate center.”

“One of our goals is to expand attendance,” Stephanie, the Beer Garden Manager tells us. Goliad Brewing’s “biergarten” is an open area right next to the actual brewery with tents and seating areas amidst rustic, gas station décor. Visitors enter into a small slice of Americana, complete with food trucks such as Dad’s Place and live music from the Tony Rodriguez band.

But let’s talk a little about Goliad Brewing’s support for local businesses, such as Dad’s Place food truck. The owners Shane and Samantha McClellan opened their BBQ business and mainly cater to the Coastal Bend area. Shane shares his story about the business, “When my Dad passed away, I remember he always wanted me to cook for him. Later I embraced that love of food and wanted to share it with everyone.”

“Brisket. Pulled pork. Our Black Raven Sauce. You can’t go wrong” Shane states, as he continues to explain the history of their famous BBQ sauce. Inspired by the age-old recipe of Sam Houston, he tweaked the recipe and gave homage to the man called “Black Raven” by the local Indian tribes. The famous Sam Houston used to live on an Indian Reservation.

His advice to entrepreneurs is to have patience with ideas and companies. “It doesn’t happen overnight and don’t expect money to come flowing in. But stick with it. When you do what you like, it doesn’t feel like work.”

Remember Goliad!

It’s an amazing feeling to visit a town and a brewery so proudly intertwined with its historic influences and community support. The first declaration of independence of the Republic of Texas was signed in this town on December 20, 1835. Visit the brewery when you have a chance and take the long way home. I can assure you will remember Goliad.

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