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My First GCC

It started with an email from Central Office to chapter officers of the closest chapters to McNeese State University (Eta Tau). After having been initiated that April the chapter quickly elected me chancellor. So, I reply to the email saying I would participate in whatever I could do. Eta Tau’s reinstallation turned out to be an event for me to meet with brothers who will turn out to be key individuals in Delta Sigma Pi.

Eta Tau’s reinstallation made my decision to attend the 2005 Grand Chapter Congress (GCC) in Orlando, Florida. As one alumni brother put it, “Gilbert, I’m really glad you turned 21 this month so you can really fully experience GCC!” I talked my really good friend into going with me who coincidentally was starting a Deltasig colony at UT San Antonio. Houston to Orlando can’t be that far?

We arrived on the Wednesday morning of GCC. Since I was the only one from the Eta Psi (University of Houston) to go I was burdened with attending all the required events. Moreover, my situation as the only Eta Psi to attend forced me to meet new people.

Hotel noise issues the night before had them arrange for the poolside to be open through the night all week just to keep us outside. It was very conducive to hanging out and partying after all that serious business stuff was over. Being the only Eta Psi, a 24/7 pool party, and the excitement of first congress turned me into a social butterfly of sorts. Did I mention a private outing to Sea World for Deltasigs only? No time for sleep just good times and meeting people throughout the country who will turn out to be lifelong friends of mine. I’d shout out to everyone I met and knew since then but there are too many people. You know who you are.

The big picture of Delta Sigma Pi was right in my face as I was a part of the 270+ other delegates from their respective chapters and about 700 more brothers in attendance. I had the pleasure of meeting a number of national leadership that were running for office and a number of Leadership Foundation Trustees who represented the not for profit interests of Delta Sigma Pi (Scholarships, bro!). I learned about the scholarships offered by the Foundation, who works for and how the Central Office works, and valuable organizational skills.

I also had the unique opportunity to do a seconding speech for the Provincial Vice President (PVP) candidate who would become the PVP for the South Central Province over the following 4 years. This level of participation set in my mind a baseline for future events.

Summer 2005 defined my passion that is Deltasig. My goal I created for myself since then: 1. Pay forward those same positive experiences at GCC. I brought 7 people from Eta Psi to the following congress
2. Attend Leadership And Excellence Academies for Deltasigs (LEAD)
3. Meet new people as often as possible

Those goals benefitted me professionally, fraternally as well as personally. If he who profits most serves best then it is my obligation to serve. Like many before me have strongly suggested take advantage of your brotherhood and participate at national events. Let me change an old joke to fit this ending. Why is GCC so expensive? Because it is worth it!

Proud To Be A Deltasig!

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