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Darrick Williams USC Beta Gamma

Deltasig Story: The Birth of the Waffle House Troopers

The year was February 2007 and the event was the Nashville Southern Provincial Conference (actually held in Franklin, TN., but close enough). It was Saturday evening after the Council was over and the dance had concluded. It had snowed earlier in the weekend and there was still some of it on the ground. The hour was approaching close to 2am and things were starting to die down.

I was hanging with a few brothers and feeling spirited, we decided that we should go to get some food. Not just any food though. It needed to be greasy food! You know that type of food that only will get the job done at this time of the morning. That's right, we needed WAFFLE HOUSE!

From this decision, starts one of the most epic nights I've ever experience in Delta Sigma Pi. I'll pause here to introduce you to the players of this event:
• Corey Polton - California brother
• Suzie Couillard - Minnesota brother
• Dave Glanzrock - Arizona brother
• Janene Winton - Florida brother
• Darrick Williams - South Carolina brother

Yes friends. We have five states from 3 different provinces represented in this group. Talk about the power of networking! Now, let's get back to the story.

So who's going to drive? That's one of the first questions asked once we got everyone together that wanted to go. Corey, having a car and being the only brother capable of being behind the wheel at this point, offers to take the helm. So, we slide around in the parking lot on patches of ice, get in the car, and begin our adventure!

Now, I mentioned earlier how the actual Council took place in Franklin, TN. What we did not know about Franklin, TN is that the city completely shuts down around 2 AM. Completely. Shuts. Down. I don't even think the red lights were working because nothing was open! Now, this city is about 20 miles from Nashville, and as far as we knew, that was the closest city to us that would still have something open at this hour. Not wanting to actually drive that far to find a Waffle House, we did the only thing we knew to do - ask somebody!

But didn't I just say everything was closed? Who were we going to ask? Our instincts kicked in and we knew that when you're looking for a place that is open all the time, only one place comes through for you - Wally World! We found one of those and decided to ask an employee about where to find a nearby Waffle House. A young guy pushing a set of carts back into the store looked like the perfect person to ask such a question. Little did we know we couldn't have been more off target! We quickly found out the employee couldn’t help us. Who in the world doesn't know how to get to a Waffle House? Aren't they on every corner or every exit of the interstate? Then it hit me. We need to hit the interstate. We're bound to find a Waffle House there!

At this point it’s around 2:30am. We had already spent about half an hour trying to find some food. Let me explain to you what the environment was like in the car while we were making this escapade. Let's put it like this; have any of you seen Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? Well, instead of just 2 people, we had 5. Just to be clear we didn't have any drugs or stop at any whorehouse, but the rest you can pretty much fill in. It was HYSTERICAL! Dave had us laughing just about the entire time, while I think Janene was trying stay awake. She wanted to go to bed before she decided to go on this trip. Suzie and I weren't helping matters much, heckling along with all kinds of inside jokes and stories. It was the kind of brother bonding that only Deltasigs can provide. Honestly I don't know if something like this trip will ever happen again, but we still talk about it to this day!

Ok, so where were we? Oh yeah, off to the interstate. We decided to head north, just in case we actually needed to go to Nashville to find somewhere to eat. Brothers, I've lived in the South (at the time of this story) for 27 years. I can't remember in all those years being on an interstate where more than 10 miles went by before I saw at least one Waffle House or some 24-hour joint. Apparently in Franklin things are a bit different. We probably drove another 20 minutes before finally seeing an exit that had a Waffle House! Needless to say, we were ecstatic!

So finally a little after 3am, we enter this Waffle House and chow down! It probably took us about an hour to eat and then start our journey back. We were back at the hotel somewhere between 4-5am. We needed to take a quick nap before driving home the next morning.

Once the weekend was over, I named this group of soldiers the 5-State Waffle House Troopers! We briefly started precincts in various areas of the nation, while deputizing other Troopers at other national events such as 2007 Grand Chapter Congress in Orlando! I believe at this 2007 GCC, we stretched our membership to include brothers from all 5 Provinces!

I share this story for this reason; in Deltasig, you never know what travels, adventures, or brothers you will meet or bond with or how it will happen. If you had told me a story like this was possible 10 years before this event, I'd probably have slapped you. Deltasig teaches me that anything is possible. Being a brother is one of the most fulfilling duties I can have as a human being! It makes stories like these possible, it enhances my life, and it builds the fraternal bond in the craziest kind of way! If you are lucky enough to be a brother, then be bold enough to embrace what it means and give in to what it has to offer. The reward is vast!

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