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When I became a student of Saint Peter’s University, one of the groups that I was most intrigued with on campus was the professional fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. I noticed that they fostered professionalism as well as Brotherhood. So I got more information on it, pledged, and became a Brother of Delta Sigma Pi in the Fall of 2008.

Immediately I became active within the Zeta Eta Chapter and began going to LEAD schools. At these conferences, I often noticed many Chapter Fundraisers peddling their DSP products for sale. However, I realized at some point that they were not making much of a profit on their products because of all the costs involved with attending a LEAD school (ex. travel costs, registration, etc.). So in the Fall of 2010 I began to dig deeper into this and ask opinions from them about the idea of an “eBay for Deltasigs”. To no surprise, many Brothers liked the idea…and so from there I knew something like this would be very beneficial for Chapter Fundraisers.

Instantly, I began to obsess about the idea; I thought about it everyday – creating a Deltasigs-only website where we may sell products to each other at a very low cost. But I had my doubts because I had no background in web development nor did I have a technical co-founder. So I began to save money, and finally in February 2012 I quit my corporate job and began to work on the website little by little. But I didn’t go about this alone, I sought advice and funding from DSP Startup LLC and Brother of the New Jersey Alumni Chapter.

And now, as of September 2013, we can utilize – a fully-functioning Deltasigs-only website where we may sell DSP products to each other for little to no cost; enabling Brothers to be more profitable than ever before. And it doesn’t stop there! Soon we will be integrating the entire website with Facebook to give Brothers a more social experience; and soon after we will have a PlayerGator App.

Finally comes the social aspect. This is perhaps one of the most noticeable benefits of going to GCC, certainly one of the most entertaining. Before going, I knew very few brothers from my region, having only interacted with the other chapters briefly at a regional initiation in Austin. GCC gave me a chance to meet people from all over my region, and over the days we were there, we grew to become incredible friends. I was blown away by how amazing some of the other collegians and alumni were, and it was so much fun getting to know them. From the amazing members of Gulf Western to the great guys I met from the Chicago Alumni Chapter, GCC gave me a chance to meet brothers from all walks of life, brothers I keep in contact with today and look forward to seeing again at the 2013 GCC in Seattle.

Nonetheless, our sole mission is to provide the most convenient platform for Chapter Fundraisers to sell their DSP products as well as connect with other Brothers from all across the country. Everyday we are working toward providing a more safe and hassle-free environment for Brothers to perform monetary transactions with each other. This has been my way of giving back to Delta Sigma Pi as I am proud to be a Deltasig.

theDeltasig anthony bakerAnthony Baker is from the Zeta Eta Chapter in Jersey City, NJ. In May 2009, he graduated from Saint Peter's University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics & Finance with a 3.82 GPA. Currently, he is a member of the New Jersey Alumni Chapter and the position that he holds is "Entrepreneurial Vice President". Some of his favorite hobbies include playing chess and random problem solving. One of his interests are nutrition and eating healthy foods because he believes a healthy body equals a healthy mind. And his #1 goal in life is to create something that will ultimately change some aspect of the world for the better, in hopes that it would prompt other aspects of the world to follow suit.

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    The most asked question about This website is all about Delta Sigma Pi. It portrays our commitment to become business leaders. It grants prospectives an opportunity to see how they can benefit by networking and learning from Leadership events. It grants the opportunity to achieve Brotherhood to make lifetime connections. The vision of the website is not only to use as a recruitment tool, but a way to allow Brothers to connect and share their experiences with everyone else. And above all, show love for the world's foremost professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

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