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Houston 2013 LEAD

Just in case you missed it, Brother Rene Hernandez from Omicron Phi at The University of Texas at San Antonio made this awesome video for you!

Words from Marsha Mcclees, Iota Psi Chapter at TAMUCC

LEAD is one of the best things a brother can do. It is a weekend filled with networking, professional speakers, and growing closer fraternally. This was my first LEAD as a brother. It exceeded all expectations and is truly an unforgettable experience. Networking with brothers from other chapters around the state as well as surrounding states makes LEAD so special. Besides having excellent speakers, meeting new brothers is a huge factor as to why LEAD is such a great experience. Everyone you meet is so friendly and just knowing you are a fellow brother allows for such quick connections and new friendships. At LEAD, a demonstration was done to show just how much power the Deltasig brothers have. After asking a brother what their dream job was, at least one other brother in the room had a connection to that business. It showed us how powerful we can be if we only ask the right questions of our fellow brothers.

My absolute favorite session was conducted by Adam Carroll over The Money Game. He encouraged the audience to participate and was very knowledgeable about finance. He was interesting and grasped the audience's full attention throughout the session. He taught us how to play the money game to set us up for success in our lives so long as we choose to follow the rules. Enterprise Careers also gave a presentation to brothers over various Strategies for Successful Interviewing. It was quite informative and gave the brothers a glimpse over how things are on the side of the interviewer.

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